10 Spa Treatments That You Can Perform Right in Your Own Home

Rejuvenating Body Scrub

Dead cells on the skin generate dull, dry skin, thus exfoliation is necessary. Mix brown sugar and olive oil twice as much for a healthy body scrub. 

Refreshing Foot Mask

We neglect our feet, yet they deserve a reward after a run or workout. Mix equal parts oatmeal, maize meal, sea salt, and olive oil for a delightful foot massage.

Clean pores and brighten skin with face steaming. For home steam treatments, fill a bowl with hot water and let it cool to avoid skin burns. Two drops of tea. 

Steam Facial

Use a moisturizing scrub composed from 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon sugar, and a teaspoon almond or grapeseed oil to soften your hands. 

Softening Hand Treatment

You may have bright, luscious hair without spending much. Smashing an avocado and putting it to your hair provides natural conditioning. 

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Relaxing Cleopatra milk baths. Milk lactate reduces eczema and psoriasis. Two cups of whole milk or milk powder, scented oils, honey, and rose petals make a soothing bath.

Milk Bath

Baths are calming, but if you don't have one or don't like baths, you can still make your shower spa-like.

Aromatherapy Shower

Papaya and pineapple alpha hydroxy acids brighten and exfoliate. Papaya masks with yogurt and honey tighten and brighten. 

Skin Brightener

Natural remedies can alleviate puffy, dry, or irritated eyes. For puffy eyes, cool chamomile tea bags, cucumber, and potato slices are traditional remedies. 

Comforting Eye Treatment

For the best at-home facial, cleanse and gently exfoliate with oatmeal and water. Follow with a yoghurt, avocado, strawberry, or honey mask for relaxing, moisturizing, or cleansing. 

Purifying Facial

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