10 Ways to Get a Beautiful Look First Thing in the Morning

Do Not Sleep On Your Stomach

If you like sleeping on your front, try a new PM stance to look good in the morning. Sleeping positions that squeeze your face generate sleep lines. 

Satin Or Silk Pillows

Sleep on your stomach using satin or silk pillows. This makes you feel like a princess every morning, and the smooth textiles let your skin and hair slip while you sleep. `

Pile Up The Pillows

Flat sleepers may wake up with swollen eyes from fluid buildup. Raising your head at night prevents fluid buildup and gives you lovely eyes.

Get Your Glow On

Hi sun-kissed skin, farewell pasty morning face. Exfoliate, hydrate, apply artificial tan, and wait an hour before bed. Wash it off before bed to sleep clean. Sun-kissed shine awaits.

Wear Your Hair In A Bun

We adore morning heavy hair, but not if it makes us appear like we were dragged through a hedge backwards.

Mineral Powders

Some natural mineral powders can disguise blemishes without closing pores, but don't wear makeup to bed. Apply natural mineral makeup with a clean brush before bed.

Moisturise Before Bed

Not us! Apply a moisturiser to your face and neck before night to wake up with glowing skin. Moisturize your feet to feel better in the morning.

Go To Bed At A Decent Time

The saying “beauty sleep” is true. Sleeping eight hours a night clears skin. Sleepless people are pale, tired, and have under-eye bags. Sleep well to get 8 hours per night.

Wash Your Face

Panda eyes won't make you look good in the morning, females. Do not assume that sleeping in your makeup will make you look great in the morning. 

Butter Up

Body butter before bed makes you smell good and wake up smooth. Maintain dry elbows and knees.

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