How to Create Your Very Own DIY Hair Spa at Home

Massage Your Scalp and Hair with Oil

Make a home hair spa by rubbing hair oil. Use 100% natural coconut, sweet almond, argan, or olive oils. Mixing them creates a healthy hair product. 

Use a Steamer or a Hot Towel

But oiling your hair isn't enough! It must penetrate the hair cuticle. This is best done with hot towel wraps or head steamers. Heat penetrates hair with oil. 

Shampoo Hair Using Mild Cleanser

Wash the oil off your hair next in your at-home hair spa. Use a gentle shampoo without sodium laureth or lauryl sulfates.

Apply A Hair Mask Or Deep Conditioner

Using a hair mask or conditioner after shampooing helps nourish and protect hair. You can buy a brand-name hair mask or make your own from natural components.

Rinse Out 

Wash the hair mask or cream off with a mild shampoo. This stage binds hair cuticles, silkening it. Use cold water. Use your usual conditioner if needed. 

Hair Spa At Home Remedies

Combining nourishing oils with antibacterial and antifungal essential oils like tea tree or peppermint is the easiest approach to eliminate dandruff. 

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