Recipes for 'Girl Dinner' That Are Both Delicious and Approved by a Dietitian Here Are 6

Girl dinners aren't gloomy and small. They're tasty, simple, and fun! These are my "meal of snacks" with clients. Build a meal from anything with protein, fat, fiber, and produce.

Charcuterie Girl Dinner

Mediterranean meal is heart-healthy chick dinner. Mediterranean girl Marissa Meshulam, MS, RD, CDN, adds, "I love using these Applegate Chicken Strips because they are humanely raised with non GMO ingredients." 

Mediterranean Plate

"The popular 'female dinner,' also known as a snack plate, is a great quick lunch or dinner! 

 Adult Lunchable

"I like this simple snack plate supper for its ease. A simple plant-based dinner includes hummus or bean dip with fresh veggies, olives, whole grain pita wedges, almonds, and grapes.

 Vegan Girl Dinner

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The Sweet-Savory Plate

Your favorites fit easily in deconstructed sandwich plates! Meshulam likes Applegate Organic Herb Turkey Breast, Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps, sourdough bread, pickles, tomatoes, mustard, and olive oil for dipping.

Deconstructed Sandwich

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