The Seven Types of Rabbits That Are Considered to Be the Most Friendly

Mini Lops

Mini lops are German Lops x Chinchilla rabbits. They weigh 3–6 pounds and are tiny rabbit breeds. Thicker and beautiful, their coat is lustrous. 


Rex weighs 7–10 pounds and is medium-sized. This French breed is known for its luxurious coat. Like micro lops, they have basic and broken pattern colors.


Californian and Himalayan rabbits are rare breeds. The two are easily confused. Their size is the only difference. Smaller Himalayan species weigh 2.5–4.5 pounds.

Jersey Wooly

French Angora-Netherland miniature Jersey Wooly. They have a baby face and weigh 3.5 pounds. Jersey Wooly breed of high upkeep. If you maintain one, brush its long coat often.


The Polish breed arrived in America in 1912. They were popular with European pet owners before that. T


When Chinchillas arrived in the US, everyone loved them. They were popular because of their sweet nature. They get along with everyone, even strangers.


Netherlands created Havana breed. Pet owners dubbed it “Havana” after Havana cigars due to its color. Beauty and serenity make them ideal for many households.

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